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This register aims to serve as a repository of archaeological experiments which have been completed, so that others may easily see whether their interests have already been researched. Not all experiments are published in traditional journals, and by participating in this register, you are able to let others know what questions you have addressed and whether you are willing to discuss your results with others - regardless of whether you've published the work elsewhere.
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NOTE: Pilot study aims and the use of your data
By entering your data into the following form, you are participating in a pilot study to establish the Register of Archaeological Experiments. If you choose to contribute, we would very much appreciate any feedback that you are willing to provide; we'd welcome your impressions about the types of information we're collecting, whether you think that there are gaps, and what you would hope to get out of a visitor experience of the Register.

Because this is a pilot study, we will use your data and your feedback exclusively to improve the Register, and will not share it with third parties. By default, we will permanently delete all of your data at the conclusion of the pilot phase. We ask that you provide your email address to us so that we can notify you of the progress of the pilot and then deletion of your data. If you have any questions about any issues relating to the use of your data, please contact us at:

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