Read the passage from Martinez (2018) and decide whether the texts that follow constitute plagiarism of that original work.
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Martinez (2018, p.41) extract
According to Martinez (2018), although there is some anecdotal/case-study evidence that would support the notion that non-natives are stigmatized, it is difficult to establish any direct causal effect between non-native forms and rejection. *
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As mentioned by Martinez (2018), there is a lack of concrete evidence proving that editors prefer native speaker manuscripts, and, moreover, it is difficult to show a "direct causal effect between non-native English forms and the rejection of an article" (p. 41)." *
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As mentioned by Martinez (2018), it is difficult to show a link between being a non-native speaker and article rejection, since it is nearly impossible to "disentangle" language from a broad spectrum of other common contributing factors. *
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There is some anecdotal evidence (e.g. Flowerdew & Wang, 2016; Hewings, 2006) that editors notice when writer is a non-native of English, yet it is difficult to establish any sort of causal link between that noticing and a whole array of other contributing factors (e.g. Ahlstrom, 2012, Sullivan, 2002). *
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