Bethel's Sunday Service Registration Form
We are so excited you plan to attend Bethel Empowerment Church this Sunday! We are asking all members, and visitors to complete and submit a weekly Sunday service registration form. We are asking you to complete and submit this FORM BY 11:00p.m., SATURDAY. Completing the Registration Form is necessary due to limited COVID-19 capacity. If you have any questions, please contact: (May 2021)
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Type first and last name of each guest and their phone number. If no guest/visitor is attending with you today please, type NONE. *
To assist with keeping everyone safe, we need you to CHECK the appropriate box of any symptom/s you are experiencing or have experienced in the last seven days. *
If any of the symptoms are CHECKED, Bethel is asking you to worship with us ONLINE until your answer is NONE. To worship with Bethel ONLINE click the link below:
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