Responsible Digital Citizens
This is a special cross-cultural digital exchange pilot program designed to connect students in Taiwan with global peers through the use of reflective journaling. This program is designed to be implemented asynchronously between the participating classrooms through the use of secure EdTech platforms. If you're interested in having your students participate, please fill out this registration form. Space is limited so be sure to sign up soon.  
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This exchange will use EdTech platforms including Zoom/ Google Meet, MangaChat, and Training on these platforms will be included in the teacher training session. Do you agree to attend this training session? *
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Payment Information: If you are able to pay for the program, please submit your payment here PayPal
We are fortunate to have a program sponsor who can provide scholarships, however, as a partner school we do ask for your help with providing valuable feedback during the program. Is this something you are willing to do in exchange for free participation in the program? *
Participation in this program requires a 6-week commitment and will begin in March 2023. Are you able to agree to this? *
Effective and timely communication is essential for the success of this program. Do you agree to stay in communication throughout the duration of the exchange program with your partner teacher and KMW facilitator? This requires replying to emails or messages within a 48 hour timeframe. Do you agree to notify Know My World immediately if a situation arises and you are no longer able to participate in the program? *
Do you agree to maintain respect and cooperation during the entire duration of the program? No hate speech or bullying is allowed. As participants of this program you will be working with educators across different cultural backgrounds. This requires an open-mindedness to perspectives and lifestyles that differ from your own. Respectful speech and interactions are required. *
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