Understanding Homelessness with Young Women's Freedom Center
Stanford Computational Policy Lab presents the first event in our Community Leaders Speaker Series: Understanding Homelessness.

Young Women’s Freedom Center (https://www.youngwomenfree.org/) works to transform the systems that keep us stuck in cycles of poverty, violence, and incarceration. For 25 years, they have been leaders in lifting up young women, girls, transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) youth, providing direct services and leadership programs, changing policy and legislation, advocating for the rights of young people, and doing research to examine intersectional issues that system-involved youth face. Most of the YWFC’s staff were once themselves incarcerated in San Francisco’s youth jail and know firsthand how this system is failing our young people.

Join us in welcoming Executive Director Jessica Nowlan and Research Director Alezandra Melendrez, who will share with us the work YWFC does, the policies her organization has pushed through, and the pressing issues they’re currently working to change.

In YWFC’s Bill of Rights they state, “We have the right to be consulted when institutions want to create, revise, and eliminate policies, legislation, rules, or laws that will impact the way we experience systems.” We look forward to this speaker series as a first step in that process, in consulting young women and TGNC youth on potential policies surrounding housing, homelessness, and the criminal justice system.

Who: Jessica Nowlan, Executive Director of YWFC and Alezandra Melendrez, Research Director of YWFC

What: A discussion (presentation + Q&A) of how homelessness and housing instability impact today's system-involved women, girls, and TGNC youth; of how these young people are working to change the systems that shackle us; and of how we can support those efforts.

Where: Studio 40, McClatchy Hall, Stanford University

When: Thursday January 23, 2020, 4:00-5:30pm

Why: "Because your liberation is bound up with mine...let us work together“ (Lilla Watson)

Snacks will be provided.

Contact amyshoe@stanford.edu with any questions.
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