St. Ann Youth Ministry Summer 2019 College Internship Application
We are so excited to offer an internship opportunity once again this summer. Please complete this form in its entirety. Once completed, in January we will contact you to set-up a phone interview. Contact the youth ministry office with any questions you may have. Note: this position does include a monetary compensation gift. You must be a current student in college or 19 or older to apply. Applications are due by February 4th.
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The vision for St. Ann Youth Ministry is "to create irresistible environments to make disciples who make disciples." Tell us how you see yourself helping with this vision this summer. Make sure to indicate any past experience in doing this as well. *
One of the most important aspects of this position is the ability to communicate with a wide range of people. Give a self-reflection on your skills in this area. *
For much of the summer, you will experience limited supervision due to the various summer trips that the youth ministers will be attending. What is your strategy to be self-motivated during these times? *
Youth ministry hours are varied, especially in the summer. Take a look at this tentative guide of potential hours this summer. Do you anticipate any issues with a schedule like this? Please let us know if you foresee any conflicts. We are flexible during most weeks. *
How do you anticipate using this internship as an opportunity to grow in your personal walk as a disciple? *
We believe that spending time with our teens is a great way to lead them closer to Christ. What are some different ways you would spend time with our teens this summer? *
Name one person who has or is walking with you in your faith journey. What impact have they made on your life? *
We ask that you submit at least one recommendation from someone who has been active in your life within the past year. It is not mandatory, but it is preferred if this person is involved in ministry in some capacity. Please follow this link for recommendation instructions. *
In signing this form, I certify that all information contained herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Please type your name. *
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