It's Blue Turn Bench Pickup
Ask Mariya to leave a package for you to pick up & write to voters on her porch bench in Mountain View, no human interaction required.

To simplify the process in order to maximize social distancing, there are two kinds of packages.
* Postcard packages: 80 postcards, 80 stamps, and 80 addresses. Pick them up, complete them, mail when you're done, and pick up more.
* Letter packages: 40 letters, 40 envelopes. Pick them up, complete them, return to me to stamp and store till Oct, and pick up more.

We write for Postcards to Voters, VoteFwd, Flip the West, Reclaim Our Vote, and others.

Note: Please only pick up in such a way that doesn't violate whatever the current Santa Clara County guidance re:COVID-19 is (

Note 2: If you need a smaller/special package or have questions, reach out to
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I understand that I will pick up the voter outreach package within one week and I am responsible for the timely completion of the package I picked up. *
To put together each package costs me personally ~$30 for postcards and ~$25 for letters. If possible, please contribute to defraying the costs to (or,, or cash/check in envelope at pickup (mail slot in the garage door). But if it's a hardship, don't worry: having hands and enthusiasm to write is more important! Thank you! (Why $30 for postcards: $2.40 - 80 postcards, $28.00 - 80 stamps, $0.16 - 8 address lists: ink+paper, $0.11 - envelope to hold it all. Total $30.67. Why $25 for letters: $0.80 - 40 letters (ink+paper), $1.84 - 40 envelopes, $22.00 - 40 stamps (later), $0.11 - envelope to hold it all. Total $24.75) -- Mariya
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