It's Blue Turn Bench Pickup (For Silicon Valley folks)
Please use this form to sign up with Mariya to pick up voter reachout packages from her porch bench in Mountain View, CA, no direct human interaction involved. My current campaigns:

(Already picked up a package? Register it at

If you have questions, reach out to me at
I live within driving distance of Mountain View, CA *
NOTE: If you do not live close enough to me to drive to my house (94043), please DO NOT FILL OUT this form. If you want to know how you can get involved locally to your area, email me at
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I understand that I will pick up the voter outreach package soon after receiving "package prepared" email from Mariya, and I am responsible for the timely completion of the package I picked up. *
Note from Mariya: all expenses are coming out of my own personal pocket. To put together each package costs me personally ~$15 for 40 postcards and ~$25 for 40 letters. Unless it's a financial hardship, please contribute your share. I do not turn away people who can't afford it: having hands and enthusiasm to write is more important! Thank you! (Why $15 for postcards: $1.20 - 40 postcards, $14.40 - 40 stamps, $0.08 - 8 address lists: ink+paper, $0.11 - envelope to hold it all. Total $15.68. Why $25 for letters: $0.80 - 40 letters (ink+paper), $1.84 - 40 envelopes, $22.00 - 40 stamps (later), $0.11 - envelope to hold it all. Total $24.75). The instructions on how to contribute will be sent upon package registration, or you can simply drop the check/money into the garage mail slot on pick-up.
I understand that I MUST register the package after I pick up and after I finish it (the instructions in/on the package tell you how). *
Note from Mariya: in the run-up to the Nov.3 election, 50 packages went missing. If the people who picked up them up did not complete them, that represents missing reachout to 2000 voters (there are no duplicates) and $1,000 out of my pocket for nothing. Please register the package and if you're picking up for someone else, make sure that they do.
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