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Please share the following information with us. Once submitted  and orientaion documents are read on our website animalarkmn.org/volunteer fill free to join us at our next New Volunteer Orientation.

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Volunteers under 18 may volunteer if they are 13 or above and accompanied by a legal parent or guardian.  If under the age of 18, your parent or guardian will be required to attend the orientation/training required for volunteering and must be present every time you volunteer.  They must also complete this individual volunteer application.
*If you answered "No" to this question, please indicate your age and have a parent or legal guardian also fill out a volunteer application.
Do you have a valid form of identification (ex. Driver's license or Government issued ID) and current health insurance? *
What volunteer opportunities most interest you?
Why are you interested in becoming a volunteer for Animal Ark? *
Please describe any previous experience you have had with animals. *
If you would like to be considered as a dog volunteer please note: Our volunteers play an integral part in the rehabilitation & training of our dogs while they are under our care. As such, please let us know any relevant experience working with dogs in a shelter environment or experience handling/training difficult dog behaviors.  If interested in cats only, please write N/A. *
Are there any skills, experiences, or passions that you feel could be of service to Animal Ark? (If not, please enter N/A) *Previous animal rescue preferred*
Do you have any physical or medical limitations we should be aware of? If so, please explain. *
Have you previously done any other volunteer work? *
If you answered Yes above, please explain when, where, and in what capacity.
How much time are you looking to spend volunteering (per week)? *
Please indicate days available for volunteering if known.
Animal Ark Volunteer Agreement: If accepted as an Animal Ark volunteer, you will be required to abide by the terms of our Volunteer Agreement.
If accepted as an Animal Ark volunteer, my acknowledgement below indicates that I have read, understand, and agree to the following: • I will treat all animals and other volunteers with respect and I will work as a team member with all volunteers.   •I will wear Animal Ark apparel each time I volunteer at the Shelter or Animal Ark sponsored events. • I will abide by all Animal Ark policies and procedures and follow the directions/instructions of the Animal Ark Executive Director and Shelter Managers. • I agree to report any problems that arise directly to the appropriate Shelter Managers and the Volunteer Coordinators. • I understand the possible risk of bringing home illnesses from the Shelter to personal pets or vice versa and must have current vaccinations for animals at home. I will follow proper hand hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of illnesses from one animal to another. • I am current on my tetanus vaccination and covered by a health insurance plan. • I have a valid driver’s license. • I agree to absolve and hold harmless Animal Ark No Kill Shelter and Staff from and against any blame and liability for any injury, illness, misadventure, harm, loss, inconvenience, or damage suffered or sustained as a result of volunteering at the Shelter. • I understand that failure to agree to the above terms will result in disciplinary action and possible termination as a volunteer.
Do you agree to the above terms and conditions of the Volunteer Agreement? *
If you are unable to agree to the above terms, please explain why.
Animal Ark
Please indicate any questions or comments here. You may also contact us at volunteer@animalarkmn.org for additional information. *
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