Goal with the AI in project management survey

We aim to assess the project management community and PMI members' knowledge and experience with AI implementation, as well as their openness to using AI as a tool in project management. We will investigate types of AI solutions implemented, team preparation, challenges faced, and the inclination to change employment in case their current employer is lagging in adapting to new technology like AI? and if the adaptation to new technology advancement is a selection criteria when looking for new employment. 

We also seek to determine how companies are preparing for AI implementation, including personnel training and recruitment of AI specialists, while considering the impact of demographic and geographic differences. We will use the strength of being part of a global member network and invite PMI volunteers to support us in this important work to understand the AI maturity with which individuals and organizations are adapting to this new technology that will most probably impact us all in our way of working. 

All data will be treated with privacy and anonymity in compliance with LGDP (Brazil) and GDPR (European Union).

We thank you in advance for taking your time in participating in this important project for the project management community. If you have any questions, please contact us at ai@pmi-se.org

This survey takes maximum 5-10 minutes to complete.

This project is a collaboration among multiple volunteers and chapters across the world:

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The Survey is conducted in close collaboration with the following Chapters:
Marketing Partner - AI in Project Management Survey 2023
Survey Structure
This survey is divided in 5 Sections, each one aiming on a different type of data.
  1. Demographic and Geographic Information: we would like to understand who our audience is.

  2. AI Maturity: we would like to understand how our audience is acquainted with AI tools and techniques.

  3. AI Deployment: we want to know how our fellow practitioners are dealing with AI advancement in their organizations.

  4. Experience in AI projects: tell us about your experience in working on or leading AI projects. 

  5. Case Study: If you have hands-on experience in implementing AI or using AI tools in project management implementation, please submit a case study proposal, and we take care of the rest.

If you would like to be notified once the survey is completed and invited to events related to it, leave your e-mail below. Your contact details will neither be used in the survey itself nor shared with third-parties.
Also, please share with us how you heard about this survey.

How did you hear about the Survey?
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