December 8, 2022 Capitola-Aptos Rotary                   Community Grants Day RSVP Form
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We are in the process of determining the location of the Dec. 8th meeting (our accommodations depend on the number of RSVP's, since our room size capacity changes where we meet!), please provide an email address (or phone number) where we can contact you with a location confirmation!  *
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RSVP Policy, in our post pandemic world!
Because of the new post-Covid rules, it is very important we have an accurate lunch count (so we are not default charged our minimum).   If 20 people RSVP'd and then 28 show up, we will have a problem!
The club's minimum only applies to the number of RSVP's we get. 

 If you don't RSVP but then you show up, they will not have a lunch prepared for you. (And anything you order from the bar on the menu, unfortunately will not count towards our Rotary minimum!)

Thank you for your understanding! 
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