Should women preach at Mass?
In the Catholic tradition, preaching at Mass has usually been left to male clergy. However, writer Jessie Bazan says women can bring a necessary and unique perspective to the pulpit.

"Like many issues in the Catholic Church, the exclusion of women from the pulpit is a patriarchy problem," writes Bazan. "It’s rooted in an unwillingness from many in the hierarchy to consider even the possibility that women could be equal conduits of God’s word."

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1. Women should be able to preach at Mass.
2. I have heard a woman preach at Mass.
3. I have been to a Mass where my parish priest was not the one to deliver the homily.
4. I would not attend a parish that allows women to preach at Mass.
5. Women preaching at Mass is a slippery slope to women becoming ordained as deacons or priests.
6. I think women could bring a broader perspective to weekly homilies.
7. The exclusion of women from preaching or serving Mass has been a topic at my parish.
8. Allowing women to preach at Mass would make Catholic services too much like Protestant church services and distort the Catholic Church’s identity.
9. Allowing women to preach at Mass is a necessary change for the future of the Catholic Church.
10. I think the church should allow women to become ordained as deacons.
11. I think the church should allow women to become ordained as priests.
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