If you missed it last year, I'm sure you heard what an amazing shit show of a time it was and have been kicking yourself ever since. If you were there last year, you know exactly what went down and have been impatiently waiting for rego's to open so you can get in before it's too late!

That's right half-minds! Coyote Ugly Hash House Harriers had such an awesome (18+ kennels represented), successful ($1562 donated), and debaucherous (we're not allowed back at that hotel) first Red Dress Run last year that we decided the best thing to do would be a repeat performance! (Errr.. mostly)

Cumming this July 14-16 2017 is the hot, wet, sticky, 2nd anal CUH3 Red Dress Run!
It's another weekend long event during the hottest part of the year in FresYES.

It all starts Friday night with a slutty lingerie pub crawl in and around Fresnos Tower District where we will fit in nicely.
Pub crawl is free, if you don't want to drink. It's byob on this one unless the hares tell you otherwise, and you can never trust a hare.

Sat will be the main event. 100, count 'em, 100 no more no less, hashers in their finest red dresses will traipse across North Fresno ruining the delicate sensibilities of all who reside in the area. There will be drinks flowing freely from checks aplenty. There will be pavement pounding and shiggy, beer, wine, and liquor, water crossings and dry land, something for everyone! Except minors, nothing for them, don't bring anyone under 21. $40 rego includes trail, all the alcohol you can drink on that trail, an amazing yet to be determined gimmie, and delicious meat, or vegetable option, in your mouth after it's all over.

Sunday will be the famous Beer Mile and hangover hash! Snack on breakfast stuff and drink mimosas while you watch One-Eyed Snake Charmer destroy everyone in the beer mile, or valiantly attempt to best her 😂! After that we'll take off on what many have called the best hangover hash ever, and kill what's left of the kegs, the food and any remaining dignity. $7 hash cash.

The hash hotel is going to be The Hampton Inn North Fresno. The first ten, 2 queen bed rooms are $109 a night, then there's 5, king studios with a pull out couch for $115 a night. Reservation name is Red Dress Run. You can call (559)447-5900 to reserve a room. Alternative to save a buck RODEWAY INN 6730 N. Blackstone (559)431-3557 about $80 a block away

The charity this year is going to be Imperial Dove Court de Fresno which is a long established charitable organization which does a majority of its work within the LGBTQ community.

REGO here and then pay with paypal or google pay to Don't have either? get one. its simple or contact a GM for instruction. You gotta have rego and $ in to be completely rego'd. $47 for weekend, $40 for just RDR, or $7 for just hangover hash

We loved seeing all your beautiful faces, and your questionable other parts (when appropriate) last year! We can't wait to see them all again this year!! Get rego'd and get a room (really, get a room, no sex in public) because once they're gone, they're gone

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Waiver: I understand that to keep our group, the Coyote Ugly Hash House Harriers, in good standing with the city, hotel, bars, and other venues that host us, as well as to preserve the integrity of my fellow hashers, I will act in accordance with all state and city laws as well as house rules, specifically including the following: I will not engage in any threatening or violent behavior I will treat all staff and volunteers with respect and follow their direction when given I will not steal, take, borrow, damage, or hide any items that do not belong to me. I will abide by California’s sexual indecency laws, which forbid openly engaging in sexual acts of any manner (this includes anywhere on the hotel grounds except in your rooms!) I will not be nude in any public venue, nor engage in flashing or wearing inadequate attire anywhere where members of the public will be present. I will not engage in the use or sale of illegal drugs, nor leave anything to indicate illegal drug use in hotel or trash to indicate to staff that there are illegal activities occurring on premise. I will not use sequins, glitter, silly spray, or body paint in any way that would potentially leave a mess for house cleaning (this includes towels, showers, etc - just don’t do it guys). I will not bring or invite underage persons to any aspect of the Red Dress Run. I will not touch anyone without their consent. I will not sexually harass or sexually assault anyone. I agree to use discretion and make a reasonable effort to seek consent while taking photographs and will not share them irresponsibly. I understand that there will be photographers at the event and agree to allow Coyote Ugly Hash House Harriers to use my likeness to promote future events. I understand that hashing is an inherently dangerous activity. I release all liability against the event organizers in any and all claims, charges, demands, sums of money, actions, rights resulting from any loss, injury, death, or damage to property. By Agreeing, I am indicating that any persons registered via this transaction have read and agree .
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