Madison SOUP Proposal Form 2/19/2017
Proposals are due the Friday February 10, 2017 11:59 pm.
If you have questions please contact:
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What is the project/idea you want to present, and who are your group member(s)? *
Please provide the name of your project/idea as well as a short description and the first & last names of all group members
How will your project/idea benefit the Madison community? *
Who will receive the greatest positive impact?
How will the funds received from Madison SOUP be used to help the success of your project/idea? *
Have you applied for other Community Grants? *
ie: Kickstarter, Madison Community Grants for the Arts, Federal Grants, Community Member/Business Donation
If you answered Yes to the previous question, with whom did you apply/receive money from? *
Have you pitched at a Madison SOUP event before? *
What is your contact information? *
(first, last name, preferred email, phone number)
As a presenter you understand that if you are awarded the micro-grant you are expected to present at the next Madison SOUP event as to how you used the funds towards your project's goals. If you cannot attend the next event or do not use the funds as you described in this proposal you forfeit the mico-grant and must return all funds received within 30 days of the following event.  Do you agree to this? *
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