Voting Awareness Youth Survey
The Kids Voting Arizona Leadership Council with support from the Arizona Bar Foundation designed this survey to collect data on why voting is important to youth. The Kids Voting Arizona Leadership Council is comprised of middle and high school students who encourage voting and civic participation among their peers. Thank you for participating!
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Do you think voting in elections should be required for those who are eligible?
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Do you feel that voting makes a difference?
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People vote on many different occasions. Examples include voting at school to elect student council members, for your favorite food, for official elections, and more. Have you voted before?
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Why do you think voting is important?
Being informed means having knowledge or awareness of a subject. Why is it important to be an informed voter?
What does democracy mean to you?
What is the legal voting age in the United States?
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Do you know the difference between the popular vote and electoral vote?
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For more information about voting, please visit or your County Recorder's website.
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