Once Upon a Mattress Audition Form - 2021
High School Students - Please fill this out NO LATER than September 9th at 12pm.

Middle School Students - Please fill this out NO LATER than Sept. 16th at 10pm.

If you fill this out, you do NOT need to hand in the hard copy form from the packet.
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High School Audition Dates (you MUST attend BOTH days):
Thursday, Sept. 9 - 2:30-6:00 pm Music/Acting Auditions in Choir Room (prepared BOTH music pieces from the packet)
Friday, Sept. 10 - 2:30-5:30pm Dance Audition in the Choir Room (this is taught this day)
*once you sing and dance, you are free to leave or you can see and watch other auditionees*

Middle School Audition Date:
Friday, Sept. 17th - 4:00-6:00pm Music/Acting/Dance in MHS Choir Room (prepare ONE music piece from the packet)
*You will sing one of the two music pieces (you can choose which one) and then we will teach you a short dance combo
* Please plan to stay the entire two hours.

Show Dates - Nov. 18-20, 2021 at the MHS CPA

Fees: $110 (additional show apparel available for additional charges) - covers costuming, photos, cast party, one t-shirt, etc.
This will be due by September 22nd at the Parent Meeting.
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Theatre/Performing Experience - Last 2 years only. List show, role and where you performed it (MHS, MMS, OVMS, HVCT, etc). Write NONE if this will be your first production in last 2 years. *
List all other clubs/school activities you plan to be involved in during the FALL of 2021 (write none if none): *
Please list any known conflicts (date & reason) you have that may prevent you from attending a rehearsal this fall. Please refer to the Tentative/Generic Schedule as a reference for now. *
Why did you audition for this production? What role(s) are you hoping for and why? *
Will you accept a different role - why or why not? *
Have you read thru and signed (and obtained a parent signature) for the Production Contract? Have you reviewed the Production Fees with you parents? Please do both!!! *
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