InterVarsity Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Day of Prayer 2/28/19
Do you want to see revival on your college campus and on surrounding campuses?
Do you want to see God move and work among college students?
Do you want to join together with staff and volunteers and parents and students all over the country to pray for this to happen?

If so, join the InterVarsity Mid-Atlantic Region in the Collegiate Day of Prayer (! People all over the Mid-Atlantic will be praying for college campuses in this region in a 24-hour period. This is in conjunction with campus ministries praying for campuses all over the US and with the Every Campus prayer walk movement ( To join the Collegiate Day of Prayer in the Mid-Atlantic simply sign up here for a 30-minute slot of time to pray and sign up for a specific college or colleges to pray for.

You may pray on your own, or gather a group of friends to pray together. You may pray for a campus close to you and do a prayer walk there, or one far away that you’ve never hear of before. The goal is to pray for every single college campus in the Mid-Atlantic Region and to cover the whole 24 hours in prayer.

If you do a prayer walk on one of these campuses, go to and log where you prayer walked!

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