Survey: "Distance Learning and the Adolescent Voice: A Look into the Effects of Virtual Learning on the Maturing Adolescent Voice"
Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to help me with my research.
What level do you teach? *
What learning model are you currently using in your district? *
Has this model changed throughout the school year? Or will it be changing? *
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, how has it changed/will be changing?
If you have been solely virtual this school year, what platforms are you using for your choral rehearsals: synchronous, asynchronous or both? How are you assessing your students?
If you have been completely in-person, what modifications have you had to make to your choral rehearsals? How are you assessing your students?
If you are hybrid/blended or have been for the majority of the school year, are you combing both virtual and in-person instruction? Or simply concentrating on one? How are you assessing your students?
Prior to the pandemic, how much of a focus was vocal health during your rehearsals? *
As a result of the current learning situation, have you found that you have had to alter, one way or another, your focus on vocal health? Please explain. *
If you have been able to focus on vocal health, what have you been doing to help your students?
If you have NOT been able to focus on vocal health, what has been your greatest obstacle preventing this focus?
How have your students been reacting to your choral program as a result of the changes that have been made? Have you seen any positive changes? *
How will the adapted teachings that have been necessary during this school year impact your choral teaching in the future, especially when teaching vocal health to the maturing adolescent voice? *
Can you see any positives that may come out of your new approach to teaching choral music? *
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