jsDay 2017 UNCONF pre-registration form
We are hosting an unconf during the jsDay, it's going to be entirely managed by the Italian JS communities.

From the start of the conference there will be a whiteboard on which you can claim a slot to do a talk on a subject you like!

Talks can be anything from 10 minutes up to 45 min, so it doesn’t matter if you only have a short talk.
The talk can be either in English or Italian, please be sure you specify the language on the board. Just about anything is Unconf material and sometimes the brightest talk ideas just come to mind during the conference.

The best talk - chosen by the communities organizer' absolute discretion - will win a talk slot for the jsDay 2018 with all the speaker perks that come with our speaker package!

Please pre-register your unconf session with the form below, remember you still have to write down your talk on the whiteboard at the conference!

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