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I would like to volunteer to take 12th step and Bridging the Gap calls from suffering alcoholics near me.  Volunteers are asked to make contact with the newcomer within six hours of receiving the call from WAIA and to do one of the following: make a personal visit with another alcoholic, pick up the newcomer and bring them to a meeting, meet the newcomer at a meeting or talk on the phone with them about active alcoholism and recovery.  When being connected with a person coming out of treatment through Bridging the Gap, volunteers attend a minimum of six meetings with a newcomer to help them get a start in AA.  
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State (Note: WAIA welcomes all volunteers, but alcoholics residing in Virginia are referred to the Northern Virginia Intergroup.  Signing up here will pair you with people in DC and MD.  To participate in the NVI's very active 12th step work, please call 703-293-9757 or email phones@nvintergroup.org) *
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Thank you for signing up to be a 12th Step and Bridging the Gap volunteer!  Your information will be accessible to the 12th step coordinators, phone volunteers in the WAIA office, Nightwatch volunteers and the Bridging the Gap committee chairs.  Any questions please reach out to 12thstep@aa-dc.org
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