Camp Fun & Faith 2020
Full-Time Counselor Application
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Information and Requirements
Camp Fun & Faith is a Catholic-based Summer Camp for girls run by the Institute of the Apostolic Oblates and the Pro Sanctity Movement. The camp counselors strive to create an environment that encourages the girls to grow in their faith, experience Jesus more in their daily life, and spend time with good role models in a fun-filled week of camp! If you think you may be called to be one of our camp counselors this summer, please submit the application as soon as possible. We will not accept applications after the positions are filled. Please contact Monica or Margaret, Camp Directors, with any questions or for more information: 402-289-1938.

(Note: There is a separate form for junior high and high school girls wishing to volunteer as helpers or junior counselors for Camp Fun & Faith.)

Position: Full-time Female Counselor for Camp Fun & Faith
Camp Fun & Faith will select a team of 4-6 young adult women (at least 19 years old and graduated from high school) as full-time counselors for the summer. They will serve under the guidance of the camp directors. Throughout the summer the counselors will rotate positions, serving either to supervise a group of campers or as resource counselors.

Responsibilities as a Counselor:
• Lead and supervise a group of campers in all camp activities, with the assistance of junior counselors
• Assist in training of junior counselors
• Cooperate with camp directors
• Lead prayers, songs, and games with group
• Be a good Catholic witness and role model
• Be a good example of Christian/feminine modesty
• Participate in all camp activities
• Pray daily, including ½ hour prayer time in chapel
• Work all required dates/times in contract
• Assist in preparing meals
• Assist with registration and office work
• General camp maintenance: cleaning cabins, restrooms, kitchen; yard work; organizing
donations and supplies
• Set up/clean up activities and prepare supplies
• Coordinate liturgy
• Fill in for counselors who are praying or on break

Terms for applying: Catholic woman living according to the Church’s teachings and striving for holiness in daily life; high school graduate and at least 19 years old; desire to generously serve and be an example to girls, both campers and Junior Counselors; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity to thrive in strenuous camp schedule.

Safe Environment Training will be required as part of camp training. This requires a background check. Submission of your application gives your consent to this background check and Safe Environment Training.
Dates and Stipend
Time Commitment: Full-time counselors are off on weekends beginning Friday afternoon at 5:15 p.m. until Sunday evening at 7:15 p.m. for each session of Camp.

2020 Camp Dates
June 1-5 Counselor Training (begin Monday morning at 9:00 a.m.)
June 8-12 Day Camp
June 15-19 Jr. High Camp
June 22-26 Grade School Camp
(June 29-July 3 week off)
July 6-10 Grade School Camp
July 13-17 Grade School Camp

Stipend: $350/week x 6 weeks (training is paid) = $2100
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The activities of camp typically include the need to: walk, jog, swim, carry supplies, sing, lead and participate in games and sports (some without air conditioning). Do you foresee any difficulties with this? *
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Have you used any illegal substance in the last year or are you addicted to ANY legal or illegal substance? If yes, please explain. *
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How comfortable do you feel talking about what the Church teaches? Please give an example of an opportunity you have had to share the Faith. *
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What special skills, hobbies, talents, knowledge, and faith experiences can you offer to share with the girls at camp? *
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For the following questions, please touch on your strengths and weaknesses with each.
Working with others: Yielding personal opinions and expectations humbly with a desire to serve. Being open to receive constructive criticism and guidance. *
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Patience: Accepting difficult situations and others’ shortcomings by allowing them “room to grow”. *
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Leadership: Recognizing and doing what needs to be done without being asked. *
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Outgoing: Approachable and sociable, especially in a crowd. *
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Orderliness/Time Management: Organized, punctual, and attentive to schedule and tasks. *
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Flexible/Adaptable: Cheerfully and creatively changing plans when unexpected conditions require it. Making room for others’ ideas. *
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Optimistic: Expressing encouragement and approval at the proper time while endeavoring to see all the possibilities; confident and hopeful. *
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Attentive: Paying attention to people who are speaking and noticing when people need to talk. *
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Two references are required to complete application process. One should be a professional reference. Please use the form found on the website.
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