I AM KICKING OFF A NEW 1:1 MODEL FOR LEAN ON LAUREL ON MARCH 1.  Fill Out This Form To Apply To Reserve Your Seat.
Be as SPECIFIC and HONEST as you can. I want to make sure that you are READY.  You will get a response back from me regardless of whether you get accepted or not.  So make sure you link me to your Facebook PROFILE, as that is where I will be following up with you.

Please be patient.  I talk to EVERYONE who applies personally. 

Lazy answers will reveal the quality of work you'll put into the program.

NOTE: If you are dishonest on your form and you are accepted into the program
, I have the right to remove you from the program without a refund for wasting my time.
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First AND Last Name *
Are you endorsed by a Lean on Laurel student? If so, please write their name here and you automatically get moved to the top of the list. *
I (Laurel) will be reaching out via "FB MESSENGER" so please link me to your FB PROFILE where I can send you a message. *
Lean on Laurel is now $1500/mo and I require a 3 month commitment. Is that something you’re okay with? *
In order for Lean on Laurel to make sense for your business, you should be making at least $10k/month on the offer you’d like to promote.  Are you making at least $10k/month on your offer? *
Because the strategies inside Lean on Laurel are meant to AMPLIFY your offer, it’s required to have a validated offer in place.  Which of the following scenarios fits you best at this moment? *
I have built an amazing community of business owners inside my inner circle.  Regardless of financial stability, not everyone who applies gets into Lean on Laurel.  Tell me why YOU would be a great fit for my program? *
Are you familiar with my ads ecosystem strategy? *
My ad strategy is VERY HEAVY on doing videos... Do you LOVE doing videos?  *
Do you know your way around the Facebook ads manager? *
We only enroll people that have a track record of competence and are good at what they do. What specific problem do you solve and give me one example of how you solved a problem for a client. *
How does your service/program solve that problem? *
Who in your space is making the most noise? Who is your audience listening to? How is YOUR METHODOLOGY different from theirs? *
Using only 1 sentence, pitch me your offer. *
Link me to 3 of the best videos that you've done in the last 30 days *
What is your current monthly budget to spend on ads? *
How many calls are you currently booking each month compared to what your goal is? *
What strategies are you currently using to book calls each month? Also explain how each one is currently working *
What is your MAIN MEASURABLE goal that you want to achieve over the next 90 days? *
Tell me about TWO of your biggest client success stories or EVEN BETTER... LINK me to TWO YouTube/Vimeo Testimonials from your clients *
ALL CALLS happen on Monday and Thursday at 9am, or 1pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME.   Do those times work for you?
Do you promise to be an ACTIVE member of the program and promise not to "GHOST" me when you are stuck?
Any questions for me? I will be personally reaching out to your on FB messenger. *
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