Silver Beach Elementary Annual Enrichment Provider Agreement
The Silver Beach Education Association requires that external program-providing organizations complete this agreement annually, indicating acceptance of the policies and procedures for providing after school enrichment opportunities at our school. If you notice obsolete policies, or have suggestions for changes to policy, please contact Thank you for your dedication to our amazing students!
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The Bellingham School District requires that all instructors and volunteers complete a YEARLY background check, available at
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The Bellingham School District requires business insurance for enrichment providers. If you are a volunteer, not a business, please contact the enrichment coordinator to discuss insurance.
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Guidelines and Recommendations
1. Flyer Requirements

The Flyer (sample - sent to families must contain the following:

a. Program description
b. Contact information (phone and email) for more details
c. Grade Level
d. Dates - day, start time, end time
e. Class location and pickup location (which for outside contractors, is not the 'school office')

The Flyer might also contain the following optional information:

a. Registration website (if available)
b. If registration is online, include closing date of 3-5 school days prior to first class.
c. Tuition payment amount along with "payable to" information and "NO CASH" (for outside contractors).
d. If tuition is required, include scholarship request contact information (counselor name and phone number.)

2. Registration

a. The registration process collects: parent / guardian and emergency contact information, pickup plans, grade levels, and teacher name. It also specifies the pickup location (not the "school office") and last pickup time.

b. Registration information emphasizes the late pickup policy. "If a student is picked up late (5 minutes or more after class end time), more than once, the student may be asked to no longer participate in class."

c. Registration closing dates are 3-5 school days prior to the first day of classes. If registration stays open after the first day of classes, any changes to registration / roster information need to be sent to the office and the enrichment coordinator (, and needs to be confirmed with parents, instructor, volunteer, and new student prior to the student attending class.

d. Class rosters (organized by teacher name) are sent to the office and to the enrichment coordinator ( at least one day prior to the first class, and whenever the roster changes for the duration of the program.

e. Tuition payments (when required) are handled by instructors / external contractors. This includes collecting payments (checks preferred), reconciling with rosters, and when needed, contacting families to resolve discrepancies.

f. Scholarships are agreed upon between three parties: the school counselor, the students' families, and the program providers. Scholarships are requested with a reimbursement form ( from the counselor to the PTO enrichment committee.
3. Conducting each class

a. Sick / absent instructors: In the event an instructor is sick or absent, it is the responsibility of the enrichment provider to either find a replacement instructor or to use the registration / roster information to contact families to make alternative after-school plans for the students.

b. Instructor plans to arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow time to park and set up in the classroom.

c. Instructor follows the school parking policy of parking only in 'visitor' parking spots during school hours.

d. Attendance is recorded and absences are reported to the school office (676-6443) within the first 15 minutes of class. If a student is not on the class roster, the instructor directs the student to follow their regular 'going home' plans.

e. If a life-threatening allergy requiring medication such as an epi-pen or rescue inhaler is indicated on the registration form, the parent must provide the medication and either stay with child or ensure that the instructor or a PDA is trained to administer.

f. The pickup plans are confirmed, and only authorized adults sign out students. If older students have parental permission to walk home unattended, the parent must provide the instructor with a signed and dated note, indicating when this permission is granted.

g. The instructor stays in the classroom or at pickup location until the last student is picked up.

h. If the student is picked up late (5 minutes or more after class end time) more than once, the parents may be notified that the student may no longer participate in the class.

i. Instructor ensures that the facility is left tidy and clean.
Guidelines and Recommendations *
The previous section lists recommendations for flyers, registration and for conducting after-school programs at Silver Beach Elementary. Please review them and follow the guidelines.
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