Questions to help me understand YOU and YOUR need, so I SERVE YOU in my BEST possible way.
Hello gorgeous ladies!
I'm S.O. thrilled!
After lot of doubts and questioning, I decided it's best to take off for about 2 months and disappear.
I learned E.X.C.I.T.I.N.G. new skills, decluttered my own life, biz and space and simply RELAXED- something I haven't done truly in a long time, maybe last year in June.
Anyway, I am crystal-clear what my purpose is. I want to serve gorgeous women and entrepreneurs like you who feel overwhelmed in their life, business, emotions and mind and are SO ready to be unstoppable through decluttering their emotional, mental and physical space.
Would you take some of your precious time to answer these questions for me as open and thouroughly as you can?
I want to take the guesswork out and want to know what YOU want so I can support you in the best possible way moving rock-solid forward and brightly shine your light. With much Love, Konnie
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If there is ONE thing in your life right now you could change, what would you change? Please be specific! *
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When your number one struggle could be solved, what way would you prefer to have it solved in: *
How does your struggle show up in your day-to-day life right now? Bulletpoints are fine. Please be specific! *
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What does your vision for your life look like? Please be specific! *
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What's your number one struggle? Bulletpoints are fine. Please be specific! *
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Would you be interested in attending a LIVE event (min. a day long) that is fun, full of amazing women and solves your number one struggle? *
What are absolutely MUST-HAVES in a (group-)program for you? *
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How long should a properly helping 1-2-1 program be to solve your most urgent struggle(s)? *
How often do you need expert-support? *
What is it worth to you having your number ONE struggle solved in a money amount? *
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