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For folks using Venmo, CashApp, or Paypal. Mutual Aid Fistin' Lube is a plant-based lube made by queers, for queers. Each purchase forgives on average $100 of Appalachian Medical debt. Our website :

Our Web host shut down our payments account in August, refunding orders because lube is against their guidelines. In response we started collecting orders using this form.
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How many 2oz tins of Mutual Aid Fistin' Lube? Each purchase allows us to forgive $100 of Appalachian medical debt. Please be advised we are changing containers to something which will provide a perfect seal *everytime*. I'll update this photo as soon as possible. Ingredients: Organic non-GMO coconut oil, organic naturally refined cocoa butter, coconut oil infused with a homeopathic dose of organic arnica flowers, non GMO CBD isolate. This lube is vegan, paraben-free, and glycerin free. *
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Want to add-on some extra dollars to buy & forgive Appalachian medical debt?? $1 forgives on average $100 of Appalachian medical debt.
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We made a hanky! It features fists, flowers, possoms, fiddleheads, and magic wands. It's silk screened on hot pink 100% cotton 22" x 22". We offer it by it's self ($19.99), part of a lube + hanky bundle ($34.99), or a two hanky + lube bundle ($49.99). These ship out December 15th.
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I made a calendar! 2020: The Year of Mutual Aid & Queer Magic is a pro-union, anti-capitalist, pro sex, pro-sexworker, anti metronormative, pro-transformative justice, anti-colonialist feminist queer intersectional calendar. Not only is this calendar full of important dates like the anniversary of the Battle for Blair Mountain & when the first strip club unionized, it prompts you to pay reparations and practice self-care. It will tell you how long the Yellow Finch tree-sitters have been camped in tree tops, resisting the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, remind you that canning season is coming up, and, of course, alert you to important holidays-such as the day Hitachi filed to trademark The Magic Wandβ„’, astrological events, and the days transformative collective actions took place. In this calendar, we celebrate NoThanks, a series of public art pieces which discuss the trauma in Indigenous communities in connection with food scarcity. This calendar is 11x8.5” & opens up to 11x17”, it features 12 all-new works of Art, celebrating queer identities and collective liberation. This project is rooted in reparations: a portion of every sale goes towards buying and forgiving Appalachian medical debt. Each calendar, on average, buys & forgives $100 of debt from the poorest in our community. The expected ship date is 12/15/19. As always domestic shipping within the US is free. Email us for questions about international options.
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