SafeSpace Survivor Drop-In
Welcome! We're so excited that you are interested in joining the SafeSpace Survivor Drop-in Space. This is a (virtual) space for LGBTQ+ survivors of violence to come together, share resources, have conversations, and be in community with other survivors. This is not a formal support group. This is a drop-in space (come and go as you please) that will change from meeting-to-meeting depending on the needs of the attendees. Crafts, comfy clothes, food, tea - anything that you need to feel comfortable is strongly encouraged and welcomed. 

A follow-up email and link to the Zoom room will be sent shortly after you complete this form.

Group Expectations:
-Names & stories shared in this space are not to be shared outside of the group
-Please share stories from your experience/perspective (Speak from "I")
-When sharing stories and experiences, be mindful of details which could trigger other participants
-Understand & respect that every survivor's journey is different and valid
-If you unintentionally say something harmful, center the impact & change the action ("I'm sorry I said something harmful. I will not use that word anymore")
-You do not need to share your video if you feel uncomfortable doing so
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