Creative teaching survey – we want your help
As part of the Creative Thinking in Literacy and Language Skills project we are keen to gather good examples of teachers employing creativity in the classroom, and we think that you can help us!

We would like to invite you to share with us at least one example of how you employ ‘creative thinking’ either in your planning of classes, resources or learning activities OR how you stimulate creative thinking within your learners.
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Notes on Creative Thinking principles
There are a number of identifiable (and tangible) creative thinking principles that are generally employed somewhere in a creative process or solution. Some of these are:

Methods to generate multiple ideas to force 'new' thinking
Making associations with words, objects or concepts, sometimes with time limits or in games
Using ‘provocative’ questions to challenge conventions
Using open-ended questions and/or tasks to allow for something different to happen
Formal brainstorming sessions with various stimulation cues and/or objectives
Introducing ‘random’ stimuli to a topic or task to force new directions of thinking
Changing the perspective or point of view of a situation or topic ...

... plus many other approaches that you may already be using in your creative classroom.

When we talk about ‘Creative Thinking’ we often use words like original, innovative, different, fresh, inspiring, clever etc. And in teaching we aim for effects such as motivation, engagement, enjoyment / fun, inspiration, insightful…not to mention being beneficial to learning.
So, with all of this in mind, please tell us about how you employ creative thinking within your teaching practice. If you want to tell us about more than one creative activity, method or approach that you use, just complete the survey again.
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