2018-12 - Intensieve meditatieretraite
Intensive Meditation Retreat – Simply Being - led by Tejananda of Vajraloka and Sobhanandi of Centre in Arnhem

There is an aliveness and awakeness that we can recognise at any moment. It’s an openness to our full being - in body, senses and awareness. It points to what we really are, outside of conceptual fabrications. In recognising and opening to a spacious yet embodied presence, here and now, we may discover a timeless awareness-emptiness that is inseparable from loving, compassionate energy.
We’ll explore all this through sitting meditation, experiential ‘lookings’ and by discovering our own direct experience as awareness, simplicity, intimacy and aliveness. These qualities are gateways to the five ‘undivided knowings’ (jnanas) which are the essence of the mandala of the five Buddhas. This mandala offers a very practical ‘map’ of our immediate experience, pointing to what has been here all along, unnoticed.

van vrijdag 3 t/m zondag 12 augustus / from Friday 3rd - Sunday 12th of August

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