We're hiring!

Title: Operations Director (or whatever you want on your business card)

First 12 months - Commission only
After 12 months - £32k OTE (on target earnings)

End of 1st Fiscal Year - 2.5% Equity
End of 2nd Fiscal Year - 2.5% Equity (Total Equity allocated = 5%)

* Exact metrics to be determined in your interview with the directors

As the Operations Director we will teach, mentor and require you to support the business in the following ways:
- Sales (Online & Face to Face / Major Retailers & Trade Shows)
- Marketing (Social Media, Branding and Customer Feedback)
- Logistics (not required)
What we are looking for is someone with the right attitude and enthusiasm to help us make a success of this business and share in the subsequent financial rewards. Ultimately, you will be a key influencer and decision maker in the long term success of this business

The Company: Born in Africa

We are All Born in Africa
Home to the Rift Valley and the earliest known evidence of mankind,
Africa is where we all came from once upon a time
Born in Africa has been created to bring you our best kept secrets

Our first product is a 250ml natural energy drink.

Born in Africa: Energy - A naturally caffeinated superfruit energy drink consisting of Baobab, Kola nut and Ginger. Best served chilled. Manufactured in Italy under license to Born in Africa Ltd

Business Plan Summary:
Market Opportunity - Estimated to be worth £250 million annually `(no dominant brand currently exist in the natural energy space). Any future products from the company will seek to exploit similar brand vacuum market opportunities.
Competitor Products - SuperNatural, Acai Energy, Pussy Drinks and Little Big Shot
Commercial Strategy - leverage the director's existing network of contacts to secure initial trial orders with major retailers, closely monitor customer feedback to further develop the taste and brand to establish a regular purchasing customer base

Find Out More
Website - www.energyborninafrica.com
Business plan - http://goo.gl/MahqkY
Financials - http://goo.gl/DxFuA7

When do we need you to start? Not until we reach our minimum startup investment amount (£30k - we already have £9k committed) which we expect to have happened by the end of April

Next Steps? Let us know you are interested by filling out the form below

p.s. we will be reviewing and responding to candidates on a first come first serve basis so get your application in quick :)

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