Happily Ever Afters Book Tour
We're organizing a tour for HAPPILY EVER AFTERS, a sweet romance from new author, Rachel Magee.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR FAMILY-FRIENDLY BLOGS ONLY, so if you have book covers with undressed characters and such on your site, you won't be included in this tour.

The tour will launch on September 25th, with tour stops the 25th - 29th, and a Grand Finale on September 30th. Stops will include a mix of reviews, guest posts, interview, and excerpts.

Review copies in ebook only.

Posts do not have to be top of the day, but we do appreciate when they are. :)


Lainey Stratton does not fall in love with strangers she meets on vacation. It simply doesn’t make logical sense. So when Lainey meets Carter Thompson on the first day of her Caribbean vacation, she knows it could never amount to anything more than a crush. At the end of the vacation she will return to Dallas and he will return to DC, and that will be the end of it. Well, unless he wants to join her at a friend’s destination wedding, which would be considered a vacation too, right?

But when an unexpected tragedy sends Lainey’s logical world spiraling out of control, she realizes her vacation crush might be the only one who can help her pick up the pieces of her shattered life. That is, as long as she can get out of the way of her own happiness. And as long as Carter’s past doesn’t catch up with him before she gets a chance.

Any questions? Contact Tressa at prismbooktours@gmail.com.

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