1) Before getting started with this form, please make sure you have about 10 minutes set aside to complete it and that you have a photo of yourself on hand (i.e., a head shot or other photo that can be used for promotions). Ready? Let's go!

2) Please fill out this short form to help facilitate our conversation. Filling out this form is not a guarantee that you will appear as a guest, but it's the best way to determine whether we're a good fit for one another.

3) "Just Say the Word" is a podcast for sharing stories from your life or business that can serve as lessons for our listeners, most of whom are business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. You do not have to be an entrepreneur yourself to inspire others and provide value.

4) When pitching your story, please think of a specific time or experience in your life where you learned a valuable lesson. The more specific you can be, the more likely it is that you will be invited as a guest. We will likely stray from your story and cover lots of topics, but your story serves as a jumping off point.

5) The podcast is conversational in tone. I will NOT send sample questions beforehand, but my guests always say they had a great time and felt relaxed! So don't worry - I know how to keep the conversation flowing.

6) Because each episode is titled after one word that encapsulates the lesson learned, please also think of what that word might be. I've provided space to pitch a few words in case your word has already been used in a previous or pending episode. Ultimately, I will have the final word on your word, but I always try to accommodate your preferences.

7) I use Zoom to record the podcast and will send dial-in details after you've been invited as a guest. You may download the app in advance and familiarize yourself with it, or you can call into the meeting by simply using your phone. However, you MUST be in a quiet location with good reception at the time of recording. Poor sound quality will result in your episode not being published.

8) I will promote your episode on my social media channels and in my email newsletter. I expect you to promote your episode to your audience as well.

9) By filling out this application, you give me permission to publish and promote your interview on any and all platforms of my choosing (ex.: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

10) THANK YOU! If you are invited to be a guest on the show, I will send you an email to schedule our call. I always have so much fun chatting with my guests and sharing their stories with the world.

-Erin Sanchez
Writer | Storyteller | Marketing Expert
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