Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018 - What would you like to see?
The Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018 is back again on June the 7th, at the headquarters of the Rabobank in Utrecht. Topic of this year is “Beyond Proof of Concepts: real world applications”. We will have the very best of Blockchain applications in different industry verticals, ranging from fintech and government, to supply chain management and health care.

On the slip streams of Money20/20 which will turn Amsterdam on June 4-6 into THE European fintech hub, heaving with the best blockchain speakers and expertise. We build on that momentum by hosting our conference the day afterwards on June 7. There will be interactive decentralized sessions where you can dive deep into specific topic with a small group and a speaker.

We are going to make sure that you will have the best time ever and we want YOU to be part of the best audience possible! What speakers would you like to see? And what topic would you like to discuss? NOW is the time to let us know because we are currently putting the program together!

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