Fruits of Democracy Awards 2018
Fruits of Democracy (FoD) is an award that recognizes leadership, excellence, achievements, community engagement and sustainability projects or activities of the youth in the Nelson Mandela Bay. We recognize young people (18-35 yrs) who are the driving force behind these projects as the 'Fruits of Democracy'. They exemplify the ideas that we are looking for and we want to celebrate their talents and exceptional work in this region and beyond. Fruits of Democracy Awards in 2018 will focus on consciousness and intentionality in flagging and celebrating the youth of Nelson Mandela Bay.

Please help us identify the youth that is dedicated to these values of transforming our society for the better. Nominations can extend to the following categories:
• Education
• Sports
• Arts and Culture
• Community & Public Service
• Business

Note that the organisers reserve the right not to award people in a category if they are not satisfied with the applications.

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