I want to show my game at Louisville Arcade Expo 2017!
This will be our 3rd year in a row showing local Lousiville games at the Louisville arcade expo, be a part of it by submitting your project! If selected, you will be able to show your game for free and get playtesters which are an invaluable resource in improving your game.
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Individual name, team or studio name
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Project Title *
Name of your game, interactive fiction, or interactive art piece
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Availability *
This year we have the opportunity to show our projects on 1, 2 or 3 days of our choice. This means a team member will be available to setup your display, be present at your display, and pack and clean up all of your equipment.
Link to game or devlog *
A quick link to a place on the web where your project can be either played or seen, your game does not have to be "done" but must be in a playable state and ready for play testers.
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Terms (please read) *
You are responsible for providing any equipment needed to present your project this includes: computer, TV, controllers, power strips, extension cables, signage. Tables, tablecloths and 1 power outlet will be provided. No wifi is guaranteed so be prepared. Please let Warp Zone facilitators know if you need to barrow any equipment
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