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Are you looking for work on Yachts as crew?

Then you have come to the right place!

I get asked all the time from friends, colleagues & other Captains who is available and looking for work.  Which means I need to know if you are looking right now?

For that to be able to happen efficiently, I need you to come back every 1-2 days and check back in.

Why?......That keeps you at the top of my list of who is actually looking for work.

Remember, checking in every day, helps you stay fresh in my mind and the top of my list.

I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible,
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Email
4. Phone
5. Job Are Looking For
6. Location
7. Availability
8. CV or Resume (NB: if you have sent this before, one time is ok).  Check Box if you have already supplied one.

I will do my best to get your name out there, but please understand I'm at the whim of the industry, but I will do my best to be a great advocate for you too!

All the best,.... Luke

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