FY20 FTBF Scheduling
FY20 Scheduling request for beam.
Contact Name and email address *
If you've been a user before, what is your experiment number/name?
If you haven't been to FTBF before, please provide a short description (detector type, goal of the test, etc).
What beam energy do you need?
Where do you want to be located? See this link for description: http://ftbf.fnal.gov/mtest-beam-areas/
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What intensity do you need? "Counts" means the number of particles hitting our scintillator counters during one 4 second spill. Please see our website (https://ftbf.fnal.gov/beam-overview/) for information on the beam.
Please list your preferred run dates. Runs start on Wednesdays and end on Tuesdays. This year, we start Dec 4th and go to May 29th.
How many people are likely to be in your group? We are just looking for an estimate, nothing we'll hold you to.
How sensitive to material upstream are you? Can you run with another group in front of you? Is your detector very thick and will block groups behind you?
This year, we are hoping to start an Irradiation Test Area in January of 2020. If this is available, would you use it in parallel with a test beam run?
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Are there any special needs your test might have? For example: flammable gases, large equipment requiring the use of a crane, hazardous materials, extended installation time.
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