Hackathon Questionnaire
Please answer a few questions for us to get a better idea of your skill-set. For the Coding Skills question, please indicate your level of proficiency for each language in as much details as you would like, e.g:

Python - Highly proficient - Have built several Flask apps, use numpy extensively, prefer to plot in Matplolib, focus on class-based design.

HTML - Highly proficient - Familiar with Bootstrap 3 responsive design, use extensive custom CSS/LESS /JS.

PHP - Somewhat proficient - Have done some of the tutorials on www.someteachingsite.com and have run my own functions in HTML.

Ruby - Low proficiency - Am interested to learn as it looks to be a powerful web language.

R - Low proficiency - I prefer to use Python.

Basically, the more detail the better for each question! :D

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Coding Skills - What languages /frameworks can you code in and at what level of proficiency? *
Do you have a portfolio we could look at? - If so, please provide the link *
Do you have experience in cloud-based hosting / computation? If so, which services (e.g. Amazon EC2 / S3, Heroku, Cloudera) have you used? *
Do you have experience in web application development? If so, which frameworks (e.g. Flask, Node.js, Rails) have you used? *
Have you built any mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows, etc? If so, which? *
What skills that you do not currently have would you most like to develop as a programmer? *
What is better? *
What would you like most to get out of the hackathon?
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