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2021 will mark the 10 years of our album "Obscured by the Wind" . Early 2011, before its release, I asked some friends & fans to write a personal review of the record, even before the press could hear it. It was very nice to read all those reviews and they have been published on our website, back in the days.
Today, while I'm getting ready to embrace another decade of "vegetal noise music", I would like to know a bit better of your relationship with THOT's music, since 2011, and the 3 albums who have been released since ( Obscured by the Wind in 2011, The City That Disappears in 2014, FLEUVE in 2017) and several EP's (like The Fall of The Water Towers in 2012). You can of course dive back in the music thru our bandcamp page
Thank you in advance for your replies. Your words will be shared on our upcoming website, as the "Vegetal Noise Stories", in order to build some kind of history time line leading to the next album.

Grégoire // THOT
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