Studio for All
I am gathering thoughts about studios and what they mean for an article I am writing for Creative Academic Magazine. I am hoping to hear from people in any studio-based discipline who use studios in their academic and professional practice.
My aim is to find out whether there is an essential idea of studio shared across disciplines and whether this essential idea may be valuable to others. Please answer with a brief response to anything that interests you. - Andrew Middleton, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
What is your studio discipline?
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What is your studio role e.g. student, tutor, technician, professional, etc?
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Preamble to the main question
The next question is generally open and asks about what studio means to you. For example, is it a physical, social or psychological construct? In what way does it or has it affected your academic or professional identity and practice? How is the studio different, in your opinion, to other types of learning space or places of practice? How does the physical environment affect the way you teach or learn, or the way you or your students think, or how learning happens, etc? To what extent is it a private or public space, and how and when is this important to you? Please answer any of these or provide other thoughts you think are important.
What does studio mean to you?
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Is a studio inherently a creative space? Why?
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Can you suggest what else should I look at? (articles, books, authors, sites, etc)
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