UA/UWA Regional In-Service Education Center 2019-2020 Needs Assessment
Thank you for participating in this brief needs assessment. The information submitted is completely anonymous. This information will assist the center in making programmatic decisions for our regional support.
What position do you currently hold? *
At what level is your current position? *
What is your current school system? *
Please select the training topics that are of interest/benefit to you in your current role. (1=No Interest, 2=Some Interest, 3=High Interest) *
Content/Subject Specific
Classroom Management and Organization
Social Emotional Learning
Formative Assessment
Technology Integration
Personal Professional Development (Time Management, Stress Reduction)
Family Engagement/Parent Communication
Differentiated Instruction
Data-Driven Decision Making
Strategies for English-Language Learners
Strategies for Students with Special Needs
Instructional Leadership Development
Teacher Leadership Development
Small Group Instruction: Organization and Facilitation
Professional Learning Group for New Teachers
Collaborative/Co-Teaching Model
Strategies for Supporting Learners with Dyslexia
Effective Instructional Coaching
PowerSchool Professional Learning Platform
Are there any additional professional learning needs for you or your school that are not mentioned above? *
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What is your preferred professional learning format? (Please choose your top 2.) *
What is your preferred location for professional learning? (Please choose your top 2.)
What are your preferred times for professional learning? (Choose your top 2.)
What is the biggest factor that prevents your participation in professional learning opportunities?
How can the UA/UWA Regional In-Service Center best serve your professional learning needs?
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