LoMo Community Composting Program Application
We’re glad that you are interested in participating in LoMo’s Community Composting Program! Like other forms of recycling, composting lessens our neighborhood’s carbon footprint. Upon completion of this application and receipt of your payment, we will contact you with further details.

Our compost bin is located in our community garden at South Philadelphia High School.  The garden is located near Broad Street & Snyder Avenue, in the NE section of the school parking lot.  There is a lock on the gate to the garden.  Upon receipt of your Community Composting fee, the combination will be emailed to you. For an additional $5 we can also supply you with a 5-gallon composting bucket and lid. In order to put your compost into the compost pile, you will need to lift the framed screen covering the pile. Although the screen is large, it is fairly light and one person should be able to lift it.  Please make sure that the framed screen is securely back in place after you are finished.

Thanks for helping to make our neighborhood a greener, more sustainable place! We look forward to composting with you!

There is an annual fee of $25 to participate in LoMo's Community Composting Program. How will you submit your payment? *
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