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"The new era of reclaiming medicine and empowering a person to be an active participant in one's health, with a physician by his or her side, has come. With it, the need for a new oath, a promise made from the heart, has also risen." - Dr. Kat Lindley

The time has come to reclaim the science and art of individualized medicine. 

The pandemic shined a light on a trend to strip the physician's ability to practice individual medicine. We are producing a short film to take back our power and proclaim our commitment to our patients.  

We're putting out a call for doctors who recognize that there has been a shift in what is expected of their role as physicians and are willing to speak out about their feelings towards the efforts of population health to control individual medicine, what changed their perspectives, and their re-commitment to their patients.

Specifically, we are looking for: 
  • Doctors who once listened to authorities, but have since regretted following the advice
  • Doctors who were once told to trust the science, but are now questioning the quality of the science they trusted
  • Doctors who followed the rules, but now recognize how these rules and guidance's limited their ability to help individual patients (or maybe even did harm!)
  • Doctors who regret placing pressures patients to make decisions for the sake of population health
  • Doctors who did want they were expected to do by regulatory authorities, but are now ready to stand up for their patients again
  • Doctors ready to restore integrity to medicine!
If you fit into any of the above and are willing to share your story publicly, please complete the application, by clicking the link and filling out the form on the next page.

Casted doctors will be flown to Austin, TX to participate in a short mini-documentary December 15-16. All expenses will be covered. Filming will be an interview style and be completed in one day. 
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