Processing Community Day NL / Utrecht: 3D-Printing with Processing Workshop
Please use the form below to SIGN UP for the workshop 3D-Printing with Processing.
Note that this workshop will take place at Sensor Lab on Saturday January 26 at 13:30.

Workshop description: a 3D-printer is 'just' a simple robot controlled by even simpler commands. You can be totally in charge of how the printer moves and when and how much plastic it extrudes when you write your own code to control it. During the workshop you will learn to write your own code in Processing to steer one of the eight Ultimaker 2go 3D-printers available during the day. By writing your own code you can print things otherwise not possible with regular 3D-printing software. Whether you want to create generative 3D-designs, use it as a live 3D-sketching tool or something completely different... it's is up to you.

Basic knowledge of Processing (or Java or openFrameworks) required.

Software: - Processing IDE - Arduino IDE (or at least USB Serial drivers to communicate with the Ultimaker 2go)

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