Spain EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator - Application 2018 Stage 1
► The Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme supports start-ups in accelerating their journey to market with improved success rates and bigger impact.

► We achieve that with bootcamps, masterclasses and coaching focusing on important aspects of business creation and development.

► Special attention is given to what and how to pitch to customers, investors and partners.

► Whenever possible we leverage our pan-European network to help start-ups get access to their potential customers and partners

► The programme offers financial support of up to €95,000.


① Present an innovative idea related to new technology or services with substantial impact on climate

② Ready for demonstration: defined basic business model

③ Potential high climate impact or significant climate adaptation

④ Your company should:
ⓐ be created before entering the programme (established max. 2 years before the application)
ⓑ commit to create it before the end of stage 1
⑤ Company based in Spain
⑥ A dedicated team (minimum 2 members of the team must commit with the programme)
⑦ The team would be able to work in an English speaking environment (B2)

☞ Your application will be assessed on the following key parameters:

○ Innovativeness
○ Feasibility
○ Team
○ Climate Impact
○ Scaleability
○ Long-term perspectives

• You must report on results and spending according to the original plan at the end of each stage ​
• Significant deviations from the original plan have to be pre-approved by Climate-KIC Spain
• Climate-KIC moreover needs reporting on:​
• Turnover​
• Financing attracted (investment and loans) ​
• Number of patents filed​
• Number of jobs created​
• Awards won​
• If you are applying for another round in the programme, then this reporting will be part of the new application​
• Applying for a new round follows the same procedure as the first round

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