What does a good life in Berlin mean to you? The first Berlin City Selfie - an invitation:
We invite you to draw the picture of what a good life in our metropolitan region means to you in the future and where the challenges lie in our common present.

We, that is the Initiative Gutes Leben Berlin www.systemicdesign.group/initiative-gutes-leben-berlin/ and the initiative around the Doughnut Economics, the DEAL www.doughnuteconomics.org/.

Together we are convinced to create the transformation from a world of social and ecological crises to a world where humans and nature live in harmony. Are you with us?

Depending on the (self-determined!) scope, the answer can take between 5 and 25 minutes. It can also be done completely anonymously.

A first result will be presented by Georg Wagener-Lohse to the top candidate of the Greens, Bettina Jarasch, on 30 April 2021 together with the Tagesspiegel - we therefore ask for answers by April 18th.

In advance, there will be a very first results presentation to participants of this survey online on April 22nd from 4-6pm. Please share the contact details at the end of the survey - the invitation link will follow.

Now let's get started, and thank you very much for your participation!


Georg Wagener-Lohse, for the Initiative Gutes Leben Berlin and friends!
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What does a good life mean to you? Please make a short statement: *
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Where are you competent and would you like to contribute to the City- Selfie - after each topic field there is an option to answer another topic field. Topic areas are divided in the areas of wellbeing: how connected, how healthy, how enabled and how empowered are we Berliners, and in our relationship with natural resources: air, water and soil.
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