The Brotherhood Men's Leadership Retreat Application
This is the application for the Brotherhood Men's Leadership Retreat, described in detail here –

This brief application will be followed by a conversation with one of the co-founders of The Brotherhood to ensure that we're a great mutual fit.

Everything you share is confidential.

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What is it that you most want to create in your life? *
It could be related to relationships and sex, career and money, family and friendships, health and fitness, spirituality, or another area of life that truly matters to you. It could be a mission you want to achieve, a vision of the man you want to be, or a combination of the above. The following questions refer to this outcome you're taking a stand for.
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Is this outcome worth committing significant time, money, and energy to achieve? *
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What's currently holding you back from creating this outcome? *
Hint – It's nothing outside of your control. Describe how you get in your own way.
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What would make this retreat exactly what you need in order to create this outcome? *
Hint – The retreat has the potential to be a powerful catalyst. What will that look like for you?
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What will you bring to this group of men? *
Hint – Sometimes the most profound transformations come through what you give, not what you get.
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