CAP National Walk To Mars
Use this form to add ONE activity to the national database of fitness events from Aug 8, 2019, to Aug 10, 2020. The goal is to reach 33.9 million "virtual" miles which is the distance from the Earth to Mars.

CAP is tracking totals for individuals, units and wings. There is a "competition" between wings based on the pro-rated value for each wing as of 1 August 2019.

There are five "sections" to this form. Use the section that applies to the activity you are reporting:
Section 2 for Walking (either steps or actual distance covered)
Section 3 for Biking
Section 4 for Jogging/Running
Section 5 for all other activities which will convert time doing an activity to equivalent steps
.... all activities become distance for our journey to Mars.

IF you are using an activity other than walking, biking, running/jogging, then have your 2 digit ACTIVITY CODE from this list. Your equivalent number of steps is based on the time you did this other activity.

There will be a spread sheet created to allow units and wings to send "bulk" lists of values to the database that might be collected at unit PT sessions or wing encampments. Watch for that form coming soon.

At this time the national leadership has elected to NOT create links to personal tracking devices. This is for the military and other members who cannot be linked to databases. Self reporting allows time for reflection on each day's achievements. Every CAP pilot fills out the logbook at the end of each flight. Please consider your fitness another kind of "flight" that requires a "report." It only takes 30 seconds or less a day to report participation, and members can provide a single weekly value.

Wings will use a 2-letter code including "HQ" for the national headquarters, "OS" for the overseas squadrons, and then "AK" through "WY" with "PR" and "VI."

On behalf of the National Task Force for Wellness and Resilience, thank you for taking care of the most important asset of the Civil Air Patrol.

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