CS&T Guest Registration Waiver
Please fill out the attached waiver for each guest using the Club this summer.
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Member's Name who is Hosting the Guest *
Guest's Name *
If under 18, guest's age
If under 18, guest's emergency contact's name and number
Signature of guest (or adult signing on behalf of a minor): By signing this the Adult signing is stating that they have authority to sign for minor named above and by signing expressly waives and releases all liability of Chelmsford Swim and Tennis Club for injury to person or property while the above-named Guest is at Chelmsford Swim & Tennis Club for any purpose. By signing hereunder, the person signing below hereby knowingly assumes all risks, arising now or hereafter, of usual and unusual use, and any other activity on the premises of Chelmsford Swim and Tennis Club, including those attendant to the presence of two in-ground swimming pools, equipment and structures related thereto, as well as tennis courts and sports courts. All risks, inherent or due to lack of care on any part, are accepted and expressly waived so that the Signer completely indemnifies Chelmsford Swim and Tennis Club and its employees, volunteers, assigns, members and other guests, now and forever. *
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