Pathways 2020 CTE Job Shadow Week
Please help us introduce our High School students to the world of work-based learning! We will use the responses to this form to create a list of potential job shadow mentors who are interested in hosting students. Completing this form is not a commitment, nor is it a promise that we will have a student available to shadow you. Once you have completed the interest form, we will contact you to resolve any questions and begin the process of potentially matching a student with you, as their mentor, to shadow for a day early next year.

The official job shadow day is on Groundhog's Day, Sunday, February 2, 2020. We will try to schedule all job shadow visits between JANUARY 20, 2020 and FEBRUARY 8, 2020.

Volunteering just one hour can make a huge difference in a students life, and open their eyes to career options they never before considered. Prior to the job shadow day, students will send (via email) an introductory letter and their resume to their assigned mentor. On the day of, students will have their own transportation, and will arrive at the agreed upon time and location to shadow their mentor.

Mentors may choose to:
-go about their normal day, allowing students to shadow and experience the workplace, or
-prepare a presentation about their career field and job duties, or
-introduce students to the various jobs in their company through visiting different employees and departments, or
-prepare a project for students to complete that simulates a typical work project.

There is not just one way to mentor students - please consider volunteering!

If you are willing to host students on more than one day, please complete this form for each day/time you are available.

*Note: Our students typically have very flexible schedules, since we are a non-classroom based, Independent Study public school. Our students reside in Sonoma, Marin, Solano, and Napa counties, and we are looking for job shadow opportunities in all of these regions.

**You received this email because a student has expressed interest in shadowing you, or because one of our staff or parents/guardians believes you would be a good fit for a job shadow opportunity.**
Name *
Please enter the full name of the mentor
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Name of the company for which the mentor works, if applicable
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Location *
Please add the location for the job shadow experience, including physical address and directions, if applicable.
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Liability Waiver?
Does your job site require a liability waiver for students to shadow (ie- dangerous equipment or chemicals, or HR policy?)
Career/Job Title/Description *
Please describe the job, at the very least with your title so that students have an idea of what they might encounter in a job shadow experience
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Email *
This is the best way for us to contact you. If you prefer phone or text communication, please note that below in the "Other Information" section.
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Preferred Scheduling Process *
Number of Students *
Is the mentor willing and able to host more than 1 student? One-on-one is fine and very valuable. Small groups of 2-5 are also very engaging and can help take some of the pressure off of shy students (and mentors)
Please select a potential date and time for the job shadow experience. The official job shadow day is on Groundhog's Day, Sunday, February 2, 2020. **Please select a day between JANUARY 20, 2020 and FEBRUARY 8, 2020, if able to predict your availability this far in advance.** LEAVE BLANK if you are not sure of your availability. We can coordinate date/time as it gets closer.
If you can make nearly any day/time during the window work for a job shadow experience, select "Yes" below. We can narrow down a specific day and time as we get closer to the event.
Preferred length of shadow
Other Information, Questions, or Concerns?
If you would like to include other contact information, such as a phone number, please enter it here. If you have questions about our Job Shadow program, please enter them and we will get back to you shortly. If a specific student asked you to volunteer and you are willing to mentor them, please enter the students name so we can make sure to pair you together.
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