Would you like to mentor a BASEF student?
We are looking for University/College/Professional individuals who would like to help our "scientists of tomorrow" generate and execute exciting Science Fair Project ideas! Please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.

Some information before you decide:
- The parent or guardian of the the student must be present during all in-person meetings, as a safety precaution
- This is a volunteer opportunity and reference letters are available upon request
- It is your responsibility to set-up the meeting with the Parent/Guardian directly
- It is your responsibility to follow through with your commitment
- Questions? Please email volunteers@basef.ca

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If you answered "no", are you currently employed in science or engineering? Please provide any details that are relevant to volunteering with BASEF.
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Thank you for volunteering to be a BASEF Mentor. We will contact you when a mentoring opportunity becomes available.
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