General Worship Survey
Your input is highly valued as we seek to improve the way we minister to local churches. We understand that worship is more than just music, but for our purposes we'd like to ask you questions relating to music in your church's corporate worship services.
1. Are you a pastor? *
2. What is your church's average Sunday AM attendance? *
3. Does your church have? *
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4. Does your church use? *
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5. In general, how would you describe your church's core musicians? *
6. Does your church sing modern hymns? *
Ex: In Christ Alone, Come Praise And Glorify, Behold Our God, His Robes for Mine
7. How can Heart Publications be a help to you and your church? *
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8. What is your email address? *
So we can send you an email if you are a lucky winner of the His Forever digital album give-away.
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In what ways would you specifically like to improve your church's worship? (Optional)
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We appreciate your thoughtful input. As we move forward, our desire is to meet the needs of locals churches no matter what their size, location, or musical giftedness may be. In other words, we are here to help you!
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